Monday, April 4, 2011

Who Owes Who?

I think my representatives here in Texas might potentially be idiots.
"As legislators, we owe it to our constituents and to all people in Texas to raise as much revenue as possible." (Elliott Naishtat, D-Austin)
Right. Which, of course, means that...
“What I am proposing without raising taxes or creating new taxes is collecting existing taxes that are rightly owed to the state.”
The measure on the table is imposing sales tax upon online purchases. Exactly how such a tax would be levied, with popular sites like eBay or Amazon, that are not only interstate but international in scope, I'm not sure. I suppose eBay and Amazon will just have to...register with the state of Texas?

But, of course, our legislators owe it to us to pry as much of our money away from us as possible. And of course, after that, the obvious conclusion is that we owe them money.

Such is the circular propagation of the governmental system.