Thursday, April 30, 2009

Current News

So, since there are so many issues I could cover today, I'm going to just go down the list, and deal with all of them. First up is... *drumroll*

The Swine Flu *scary music*

Yes, the swine flu- that scary pandemic that is sweeping the globe! Or, at of it.

The swine flu, which hundreds of people are dying from!! Or, nine people.

But, it will reach truly epidemic dimensions in mere weeks!!

Uh-huh. More scare tactics and diversionary politics on your plate, anyone? It's ridiculous. Yes, only nine people have died, eight of them in Mexico, and one in Texas. There have only been 265 confirmed cases all over the globe, 159 of them in Mexico. 3,964 are suspected to have it.

That out of, what, 6 and a half billion people in the world?

Yeah, this is a mass epidemic! Panic and mayhem! We can't treat the flu!! You must get vaccines! Let's forget the fact that the 'swine flu' behaves just like regular flu, and can be treated with two drugs: oseltamivir and zanamivir.

So what are we all worried about? Keep your hands washed, and eventually this 'epidemic' will go away, just like the others.

Terror and Torture *yet more scary music*

Yeah, cuz dontcha' know that those poor terrorists might get heebie-jeebies if we put a caterpillar in their confinement box?! And these brutal interrogation techniques are outlined in graphic, horrifying detail in a series of memos!! Help us!

Yeah. Okay. Let's forget the fact that what we constitute as 'torture'...the terrorists probably do just for the fun of it.

Here is a taste of the 'torture' techniques the CIA has been applying:

  1. Walling, in which the terrorist is slammed into a flexible wall that rebounds. A hood or towel is rolled up and placed around his neck to prevent whiplash. The wall doesn't hurt him, simply induces a loud noise that might startle him.
  2. The 'facial hold' is simple- the interrogator puts a hand on either side of the person's head, and holds their head immobile.
  3. Facial slap, or insult slap. The interrogator lightly slaps the person's face with slightly spread fingers on their cheek. What is the outcome of this? The interrogator 'invades the individual's personal space'.
  4. Confinement- usually in a small box of varying size. One allows the restrained person to stand up/sit down at will, the other allows only for sitting. The Justice Department lawyers wouldn't let the interrogators put a caterpillar in the box.
  5. Wall standing- the individual is made to stand four or five feet from the wall, with his fingers resting on the wall.
  6. Different stress positions, including sitting down flat on their bottom with their arms in the air, and on knees, leaning back at a 45 degree angle.
  7. Sleep deprivation.
  8. Waterboarding. A very popular sport amongst thrill seeking teenagers (according to my research), the person is bound securely to a bench or table. They're blindfolded. Water is put on the cloth, and they inch it down until it's over the nose/mouth. They continue to pour water on it for 20-40 seconds, inducing a feeling of drowning.
  9. Might I add that during all of these, a doctor and medical staff was always ready to intervene should something really serious happen to the 'patient'.

And those things are torture? Wow. Let me deal with these one by one.

  1. Walling sounds kind of fun, actually. Sort of like one of those weird rides at Six Flags. And much gentler, by the way.
  2. My mom does that to us all the time. Oh no! Help! She's torturing meeee!!!
  3. This is one of those hysterical laughing moments. Seriously. A slap that doesn't even induce pain is 'torture'? Give me a break.
  4. Confinement box...well, at least it isn't like the Iron Maiden. Or one of those boxes Russians used to torture Christians. That is torture.
  5. Oh no!! The caterpillar is going to get meeee!!
  6. Wall standing? Hmm...monotonous, certainly, and might make your muscles sore.Stress positions? Ha. My sensei makes us do harder things. You try to stay in a split for two minutes.
  7. Sleep deprivation? I have a nice, natural way they could do that- just give them a newborn baby. Bwahaha.
  8. Waterboarding- while certainly not pleasant- isn't exactly the worst thing you can do to somebody. Believe me.

Here is a link to the memos themselves. Have fun. :)

Chrysler Bankruptcy

Yes, that's right. Despite the money our Spender-In-Chief has pumped into Detroit, Chrysler is declaring bankruptcy.

Ever the optomist, Obama is pumping more money into them.

I could scream.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tea Partiers Beware

This video is infuriating.

According to this lady, anyone who participated in the Tax Day Tea Parties (which I went to) is:

  • A racist
  • Confused
  • Ignorant of history
  • Hate a black man in the White House
  • Redneck
  • Right-winger
  • Ignorant, period
  • Unwilling to hear the 'truth'
  • Highly volatile
  • Brains are...not OK somehow
  • Have a neurological problem
  • Have a pathological problem
  • Are right-wingers, Conservatives, Republicans
  • Are 'white-power' activists
  • Unreasonable
  • It's ALL about racism!!
  • Are desperate
  • Hate black people
  • Hate immigrants
  • Liars
  • Are all white
  • It's corporate sponsored
  • It's all Fox News
  • All the people who went watch Fox
  • Anti-intellectual
  • Apathetic
  • Hateful
  • Fearful
  • Klan members

Let me say one thing:


Okay, I have that out there.

The protests were about some of Obama's policies, yes. But they were more so about what is past- what Bush did, what Clinton did, heck, even what Bush Senior did!

Now with that said. I am not any of the things mentioned above! Unless, of course, I turned into a Republican and a KKK member without my knowledge. And watch Fox. And am a racist.

I do not hate President Obama. I am not adverse to a black man being in the White House. I honestly do not mind.

What I do mind is his policies. I have said it before, I will say it again- Obama's policies scare me, plain and simple.

What I hate is that the media keeps trying to spin the parties into some sort of protest against Obama. If you watch the news clips, they only show pictures of the anti-Obama posters- never the posters that are against Bush, etc.

What is up with that?

These are not protests against Obama. Yes, most of the people who go don't agree with him. But that doesn't mean that they're anti-Obama protests.

I can't believe this lady. I am not a Republican. Far from it. Yet I attended the tea parties. Do I agree with everyone there? No. Am I neurologically hampered? No. Am I a redneck? No.

So, Miss Janeane Garafalo...I really don't appreciate this. Not at all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coercion and the UN

A new finding shows that the CIA and the Pentagon were preparing to use 'harsh coercive techniques' to find out information eight months before the Justice Department lawyers (who aren't in charge of finding out everything about the enemy) had gone through all the red tape needed to authorize 'harsh coercive techniques'.

And what, exactly, are 'harsh coercive techniques'? Well, basically torture. What does torture make you think of? For me, it brings up images of dark dungeons, medieval devices, and screams echoing down a stone corridor, sort of like in some movie.

But anyway- that's not what 'torture' the CIA/Pentagon have been using. They've been using things like sleep deprivation, music playing (such torture!!), and water boarding.

Sorry, but I don't think that not being allowed to sleep is all that terrible. It may not be very pleasant, but it's much nicer than what the opposition would do to our soldiers if caught.

Sorry, but I find that having water dumped over my head or not getting to go to sleep as preferable to, oh, being tied behind a car and dragged. Just a little, teeny, itsy little bit.

As a final note- and this really got me steamed- what business does EUROPE have holding the UNITED STATES accountable for what she or her soldiers do? Oh yeah. The UN. The organization that has stripped us of our sovereignty. Because, dontcha' know, we have to be accountable to the rest of the world.


I have no idea, but Washington thinks it's a great idea.

So now, if any of the people accused of 'torture' try to go overseas, they may very well be detained and thrown in jail! If that's just not...wonderful enough for you.

Sometimes, I think the world needs....

A good, swift kick in the rear. Or the head. Depending on if you want to kick them out or wake them up. Or both.

There we go.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mandatory Service Plan

Anyone up for some mandatory volunteer service this afternoon?

That's right. The newest plot our lovely Congress has hatched is this lovely plan to 'promote' volunteerism among our nation's youth! So we can 'better our nation and the global community!'

'Cuz people work so much harder towards a noble goal when they're forced, dont'cha know.

Anyway- HR 1444 would authorize the creation of a Congressional Commission on Civic Service.

Some of the goals of the commission the bill would create were stated this way:
"[To decide] Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds."

Sorry, but a forced use of my time- in a 'voluntary' civic program- doesn't sound fair or reasonable to me! And:

"[To determine] The need for a public service academy, a 4-year institution that offers a federally funded undergraduate education with a focus on training future public sector leaders."

Oh joy. So we can become ever more efficient members of the Government Machine.


So, all of you who are looking forward to growing up under an Obama administration, take heart! You'll be able to participate in a volunteer program. That is actually mandatory. But, they don't want you to know about that.

So, just act surprised when they tell you have no choice, hmm?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stop Breathing!

Do YOUR part to Help the Environment!!

Stop exhaling for two hours daily! This will reduce your carbon footprint, and get rid of those horrible pollutants, like CO2!!

Remember, just two hours every day!!

Yeah. That's about as ridiculous as this article. Guess what? CO2 has been officially declared a pollutant.

How is something the entire world breathes out every second a pollutant? Plants breathe the stuff, so it's not like it's just hanging in the air.

And how are we going to reduce our CO2 emissions?


They don't know. Maybe that (hilarious) wonderful invention, the CO2 scrubber!!

Here's a quick overview of the CO2 scrubber: It's basically a filter that pulls CO2 out of the air (as the operators are breathing out CO2...) and puts it in a tank. To be stored. Somewhere.

Where are they going to store it?


Under the ground somewhere. Or maybe in a lake. Of course, then, the CO2 might compress, causing a huge explosion and suffocation to anyone that was nearby, but that's OK. After all, we're helping the environment.

Yeah. We're helping the trees by taking away their air. Just so that our lungs can be overtaxed by too much oxygen.

Another thing- why are 'greenhouse gases' bad?

I mean, let's think about this.

What is the purpose of a greenhouse? To grow things, right? Well, what happens if we don't have those 'greenhouse gases'?

Guess what? (*drumroll*) Things will cease to grow!! I mean, that's just simple logic, right?

Not, apparently, according to our Environmental 'Protection' Agency, and our dear President Obama.

Let us end with this beautiful little gemstone from the article: "The proposal, once finalized, will give E.P.A. far more responsibility than addressing climate change. It effectively will assign E.P.A. broad authority over the use and control of energy, in turn authorizing it to regulate virtually every sector of the economy."

Oh joy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Local Tea Party

Our town participated in the tea party today. It was great! We had way more people then expected- I'd say maybe 250 to 300, which is kind of amazing, considering how small and generally apathetic our town is.

There were two local channels covering us- and both interviewed the counter protestors. Yes, that's right, we had counter protestors! (My mom happens to know them, which turned out a little awkward. As you can imagine!) I think that's just wrong- here are 250 people, trying to take a stand for what they think is right...and the news channels cover the pro-Obama, pro-'Peace- people. It's...strange.

Anyway. The only speakers we had were just random people that came up from the audience. At least, I think that's who they were. There didn't appear to be like any prearranged programme, but that could just be me and my inattentiveness to detail, hehe

So yeah, there's my story of our tea party, LOL

Monday, April 13, 2009

No Honorary Degree!!

Help! The world is ending! A college refused to give our worthy, African-American president an honorary degree!!

You know, it's pitiful.

Why, when there are so many other important things to worry about, are we worrying about a man getting stiffed at a college? In fact, I don't think he even got the bad end of the deal here. Sure, he isn't being awarded an honorary college degree.

Hey, I haven't been awarded an honorary college degree. Help me! Give me an honorary college degree! Discrimination! I've accomplished lots in my lifetime! (I've gotten so much Star Wars trivia stored in my mind, it's amazing!) Unfairness!!

Uh-huh. That's what the Obamabots are up in arms about today.

Apparently Arizona State has given out honorary degrees to commencement speakers since the dinosaur. (They gave an honorary degree to their very first commencement speaker, Larry the Dinosaur, even though he summarily ate the entire committee. It was horrible. Graduation that year was very low.), even though ASU has given honorary degrees to various other people (such as scientists on the forefront of research, computer designers, software designers, oil people, newspaper publishers, authors, and the like), they won't give one to our new and dear President Obama.

Personally, I see why not. The guy hasn't even done anything yet.

Kudos for coming up with a catchy campaign slogan. Congrats for mobilizing the majority of American citizens around said catchy campaign slogan. Hooray for getting said lazy American citizens to the ballot boxes to vote for said catchy campaign slogan. I (Did I really say that?!)

Oh, and for sending more of our boys to war, wrecking my rights further, trying to ruin our country, and all that awesomeness.

But that doesn't give you guaranteed rights to an honorary degree.

Sorry, Mr. Obama. I guess you'll just have to go back to school to get that degree.

Friday, April 10, 2009

MORE Money?!

Alright, so I know this is probably absolutely no surprise to anyone, but...President Obama is requesting Congress for over $80 billion to channel into military operations in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

I've said it once; I'll say it again. This is stupid. And, I'll ask another old question. What happened to 'let's get out of the Middle East'?

Actually, I'd better amend that question. He never said the Middle East. He said Iraq, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

This still makes absolutely zero sense to me. Why do we have to be over there? Iraq is still a struggling republic, yes, but they're never going to figure it out on their own if we stay in their business.

So, let's let them take care of it. That's why God gave them brains. Yes, I know I've been over this territory before, time and again. So, I won't waste your time with my rant, LOL

Embrace our enemies...

They'll think you're a great person! At least, that's what six congressional members of the Black Caucus think. They went to Cuba this past week, and met with (both) Castros!!

In fact, these lawmakers didn't just meet with the Castros- according to Fidel himself, one of them even said America should 'apologize'. Of course, the delegates denied this.

Castro also (and this they did report) said- "looked directly into our eyes, quite aware of what was happening. He said to us, 'how can we help President Obama?'"

OK, that's really reassuring. I've always wanted an oppresive Communist regime leader helping my President. I'm sure that's what all my fellow Americans want, too!

Another...gem...from the page: "So I know foolhardy approaches and asinine labels when I see them, " said Rush (one of the delegates). "American people need to be told the truth and they have been lied to for too long about the threat from Cuba."

Huh. A Communist country that hates our guts isn't a threat? Since when?

Another quote, once again from the page: "The CBC members conceded there were limited discussions about human rights abuses in Cuba. "We didn't talk about it much," said Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio. "You don't go into someone's house and insult them."

Uh-huh, OK. That makes...sense. Sort of. In a crazy, upside down, enemy-free world.

Yet another wonderful little jewel on the neck of this article: "The Air Force then gave each lawmaker a pin featuring adjoining American and Cuban flags to help identify them as members of the delegation."

Alrighty then. I guess that pretty much ends this post. After all, once we're willing to consort with our enemies, there isn't anywhere we're going to stop.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009!

According to this man, apparently so. According to him, the Nazis did right by pumping a bunch of money into their economy.'

First off, let me say something: America is not Nazi Germany. Is not, and I hope never will be. America is not the nation of the 'we give you, you give us.' No.

Secondly, Nazi Germany flourished because Hitler was giving everyone jobs! Oh yes, he was giving them hundreds of his mechanic factories. Making tanks and guns, so he could go to war. Yay. Just what I want here.

In the article, the columnist states: "Stimulus opponents here in the United States — mainly Congressional Republicans (though not, tellingly, Republican governors of some large states) — have been warning about debt, too. "

OK. Not only is it 'congressional republicans'...there's also quite a few congressional democrats on this anti-stimulus wagon. Oh, and all the obscure 'We the People' out here. Yeah. That obscure, little-heard-from majority, y'know? Not that we matter: you just keep on doin' your thing! We don't care that you're spending billions of the taxpayer's money!

After all, it's all going to a good cause. We get to be just like Nazi Germany, free to you after an eight trillion stimulus package, paid for by you, the taxpayer!

Gimme' a break.

"When Roosevelt stuck to a stimulus program, unemployment fell markedly, and the biggest stimulus of all — World War II — did the rest. "

Wow. Such great stimulus! I love it!!! Of course, since Obama plans on sending us into war with Iraq, it doesn't much matter. We'll get all the 'War Stimulus' we need. In fact, it'll probably be coming out our ears!

Excuse me if I seem rather steamed tonight. I saw this article and simply couldn't believe it. There is so much more I'd like to say, but it isn't making itself presentable in words, LOL