Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama Sending Troops...

To Afghanistan? Um, what happened to 'I want to get us out of the Middle East as quickly as possible'?

We're sending more soldiers over there. It's stupid. Let's bring our boys back home- from everywhere- and leave the rest of the world to it's business. They're sovereign countries, as strange as that concept may seem, and we have no business interfering with their business.

But,of course, we're much to civilized and rich to just sit here!! Right?

No. We're much to indebted and problem-overwhelmed here at home to be running off to help the entire world 'stabilize'. Eventually someone will rise up and bring some semblance of order to the Middle East. We hope. And, if they don't...well, then they'll all kill each other.

It's how it's been over there for thousands of years. Helping them regain stability (which they've never had, so 'regain' is a misnomer), giving them money so they can research, isn't going to do anything but help them figure out more efficient, deadly ways to kill each other.

Just like in Africa. Those people are constantly fighting among themselves. Let's not give them technology so they can figure out more weapons. More efficient, clean weapons, at that. Yeah, that's smart.

Sometimes it's just so stupid. Why in the world do we need to be messing in everybody's else's business?

Mr. President, didn't your mother ever tell you to mind your business?


Megan said...

I hear ya on this one, and couldn't agree more. While I think people need to cut poor Obama some slack (afterall, he is our leader, and its our duty...whether we agree or not), for crying out loud! Nothing bothers me more than when a person - be they a politician or otherwise - doesn't hold to their word. I have agreed with your statement for a long time -- let the rest of the world worry about their own business. Let's face it, we don't have the money or lives to spend cleaning up the rest of the worlds' messes! I am all for helping others out - on a personal and a global level - but at a certain point, we need to know when to say when.

....Anyway, my sentiments exactly. Only you said them more eloquently. ;)

Liberty said...

LOL Thanks Megan. :)