Saturday, February 14, 2009

$787 billion Stimulus passes

Yep, it passed. Great. I'm so proud of my congressmen. At least not many of the republicans went over. (surprise, surprise.) No House republicans joined the democratic socialist side, and only three of them joined the democrats in the Senate. Seven democrats joined the republicans in the House.

The bill was passed in the House 246 to 183, in the Senate 60 to 38. They didn't pass this bill until almost 11 pm. Why? They were waiting for a democrat senator to get back. Leave him and vote, I say. But, the bill needed 60 votes to either pass or not. Before the senator got back, the vote stood at 59 to 38. So, here comes the senator from Ohio, and casts his vote in favor.

Wonderful. The bill is expected to go to Obama's office this Monday. When he'll sign it. For his 'quick jolt' to the economy. His four-year 'quick jolt'. I'm so proud of my lawmakers in Washington. Not.


Felicity said...

The senator from Ohio was attending his mother's funeral - not his fault he was late.

Like the blog.

Liberty said...

I understand that. Still a shame the bill passed. :P

And thank you. :)

Cassie said...

The passing of that Stimulus plan makes me so mad!

Oh! I don't know if I can read anymore without getting depressed.