Monday, February 23, 2009

Yay! Willing Socialism!

I can just hear the cheers of the government as financial institutions choose to have government involvement. Like CitiGroup. Yes, that's right. Some companies are actually choosing to become part of this new socialist, government controlled change!!

I can just see the TV ads now: The announcer gets up there... "Comrades! Our valiant leader, the Messiah, Obama, has a brilliant offer to give you! Just join the Socialist Bucks for Shares, and let us take care of your business! You can have that resort trip you've always wanted! It won't be the Bahamas, but hey- Socialist Society Resort is so much better! We'll turn your profits into deficits, just like with everything else we've ever handled! Just call 1-800-Soc-iety for your share in this extraordinary, payed-by-you-and-other-taxpayers offer today!"

Sometimes I crack myself up...

Anyway- do people really, seriously think this is a good thing? You'd think these businesses would be falling all over themselves to get away from the government's help, not the other way around!

Considering the government's lousy money handling record- that would put any five year old to shame- I really don't understand this push for the government to handle everything.

Maybe I'm just crazy. Maybe I'm too Libertarian. Maybe I'm just greedy.

Yeah, that's probably it.

Hail Obama and "Change"

(Know why the Liberals jingle? Cuz all they have left is 'change'. Hahahaha...I thought it was funny. :P)

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