Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A great catastrophe...

Yes, that's right. A great catastrophe, and a deepening of our economic crisis will result if we don't immediately pass the stimulus bill. And don't forget the 500 million American jobs that will be lost monthly!

The first remarks came from President Obama. The second came from Nancy Pelosi. At Obama's press conference last night, he focused mainly on jobs and economics.

So, he used one of the most unemployed cities- Elkhart, Indiana- to prove his point that everyone (and I mean everyone!! Mass panic!!) is losing their jobs! I mean, Elkhart has a 15.3 unemployment rate! (And a population of 52,700 according to a 2008 estimate, but that's neither here nor there.)

So let's just push this bill through, despite the economic ramifications. Something that pushes us another $800+ billion into debt can't be good. Period. What happened to Obama's campaign promises of getting us out of debt, and stopping government spending?!

Apparently, they went the way of the dinosaur, because he's sure not trying to uphold that now.

And this $800 billion 'jolt' he's talking about? Isn't happening. Number one, it's not even going to be all out there until almost four years into his term. Second, it's not going to individual people- you know, that 'main street' he's so concerned about? Yeah, isn't coming to us. It's going to big business...again. At least with Bush's first stimulus package, he had the decency to send it to the real main street.

Anyway: this bill went forward 61 to 36 in the senate. Didn't do so well in the House though, and enough people held it back that it's going to have to go through extensive porking to make it through.

So there's my rant for the day. Oh, and yes, the '500 million jobs monthly' deal is real. See second link below.

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