Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stimulus Plan

Going through, as we all expected. $790 billion of our tax dollars are going to be pledged to this plan. Of course, it's all for a good cause, since we'll jolt the economy over the course of 4 years and finally end up with thousands, maybe even millions of more jobs, to ease the plight of those 500 million Americans who are losing jobs!

The Senate is probably going to vote on this bill today or tomorrow. And the Republicans got what they wanted and are probably going to go along with it. Again.

Anyway. The liberal senators who drafted the bill got a bunch of their social projects passed. And the three Republicans that joined the bandwagon negotiated them down 100 billion. Or tried.

According to the news story, the bill has three major targets of interest: tax cuts for civilians and businesses, investments in alternate energy and health care, funding for government infrastructure programs, and aid to both state and local governments...including aid to individuals who are unemployed.

And our tax dollars are going to do...what again? None of those things are any of the government's business. Except maybe the infrastructure. The tax cuts- well, taxes such as we pay now should never have been instituted in the first place. Let's abolish 'em. Alternate energy? A private sector issue. Let the energy companies deal with it if you're so manic about it, and leave my tax dollars where they belong. Health care? Sorry, that isn't my problem. Or the Senator's from Ohio. Yeah. Aid to state and local governments? This one...well, I guess it is sort of the government's job to take care of their underlings. But isn't that what marriage licenses, drivers licenses, and all that other cool stuff they make money off of for?

And aid to people that are unemployed. And lack health care. They'll find a job someday. It may take awhile, but if they're good workers, why are they unemployed? It isn't the government's job to take care of them with money that doesn't even exist except in somebody's mind.

Nancy Pelosi said on the subject- "We have come to an agreement with the Senate as to how we will go forward and I think people are happy about that. There are some provisions we wish that were still there, but the fact is that there's plenty there to create nearly 4 million jobs that the president has set as our goal." (emphasis mine)

OK. Yeah. Sure Mrs. Speaker. We're all behind you! Not.

Once again, the congress is not listening to their constituency. Remind you of...oh, I don't know...a repressive regime under a King, and a parliment that didn't listen? Yeah...

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