Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Okay...I'm just a little weirded out now. The government is buying up shares in banks...and the banks and the investors are happy about it!! Yay!

Like I said before- no businessman, CEO, or regular citizen should want this. It's insane to trust all your money to the same government that can't keep it's own coffers in the black, much less someone else's!

The government is going to start so-called 'stress tests' on the banks this week by pumping $100 billion in asset form into them to see how much money they actually need. From the article- "Companies deemed to need more money will be required to raise it from private sources, or else accept additional government investments. "

Wha'? Now the banks can't make it unless the government helps them by 'investing'? What happened to the bold entrepreneur who didn't need any help?

He's gone, that's where. He's been snuffed out, extinguished by stupid laws made by our very dear investing government. He's been thrown into exile by the forbidding of just opening a business. We've outlawed the grannies that want to open a restaurant in their old age.

But people are perfectly okay with this. The government has lulled them into a sense of security, safety and- dare I say it?- even freedom! Yes, they have us fooled, thinking we are free. In reality, we are in the worst type of bondage- that put upon us by our own willingness to accept what the government wants to do with our lives.

So should I really be surprised that places like CitiGroup are willingly going the way of nationalization? Why only one option for regaining the upper hand in the market exists- accepting government help?

No, I shouldn't. So why am I?

I don't know. Maybe because I still value freedom? After all, I am a crazy, greedy Libertarian.

Yeah, that's definitely it.

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