Wednesday, April 1, 2009!

According to this man, apparently so. According to him, the Nazis did right by pumping a bunch of money into their economy.'

First off, let me say something: America is not Nazi Germany. Is not, and I hope never will be. America is not the nation of the 'we give you, you give us.' No.

Secondly, Nazi Germany flourished because Hitler was giving everyone jobs! Oh yes, he was giving them hundreds of his mechanic factories. Making tanks and guns, so he could go to war. Yay. Just what I want here.

In the article, the columnist states: "Stimulus opponents here in the United States — mainly Congressional Republicans (though not, tellingly, Republican governors of some large states) — have been warning about debt, too. "

OK. Not only is it 'congressional republicans'...there's also quite a few congressional democrats on this anti-stimulus wagon. Oh, and all the obscure 'We the People' out here. Yeah. That obscure, little-heard-from majority, y'know? Not that we matter: you just keep on doin' your thing! We don't care that you're spending billions of the taxpayer's money!

After all, it's all going to a good cause. We get to be just like Nazi Germany, free to you after an eight trillion stimulus package, paid for by you, the taxpayer!

Gimme' a break.

"When Roosevelt stuck to a stimulus program, unemployment fell markedly, and the biggest stimulus of all — World War II — did the rest. "

Wow. Such great stimulus! I love it!!! Of course, since Obama plans on sending us into war with Iraq, it doesn't much matter. We'll get all the 'War Stimulus' we need. In fact, it'll probably be coming out our ears!

Excuse me if I seem rather steamed tonight. I saw this article and simply couldn't believe it. There is so much more I'd like to say, but it isn't making itself presentable in words, LOL

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