Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coercion and the UN

A new finding shows that the CIA and the Pentagon were preparing to use 'harsh coercive techniques' to find out information eight months before the Justice Department lawyers (who aren't in charge of finding out everything about the enemy) had gone through all the red tape needed to authorize 'harsh coercive techniques'.

And what, exactly, are 'harsh coercive techniques'? Well, basically torture. What does torture make you think of? For me, it brings up images of dark dungeons, medieval devices, and screams echoing down a stone corridor, sort of like in some movie.

But anyway- that's not what 'torture' the CIA/Pentagon have been using. They've been using things like sleep deprivation, music playing (such torture!!), and water boarding.

Sorry, but I don't think that not being allowed to sleep is all that terrible. It may not be very pleasant, but it's much nicer than what the opposition would do to our soldiers if caught.

Sorry, but I find that having water dumped over my head or not getting to go to sleep as preferable to, oh, being tied behind a car and dragged. Just a little, teeny, itsy little bit.

As a final note- and this really got me steamed- what business does EUROPE have holding the UNITED STATES accountable for what she or her soldiers do? Oh yeah. The UN. The organization that has stripped us of our sovereignty. Because, dontcha' know, we have to be accountable to the rest of the world.


I have no idea, but Washington thinks it's a great idea.

So now, if any of the people accused of 'torture' try to go overseas, they may very well be detained and thrown in jail! If that's just not...wonderful enough for you.

Sometimes, I think the world needs....

A good, swift kick in the rear. Or the head. Depending on if you want to kick them out or wake them up. Or both.

There we go.

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