Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Local Tea Party

Our town participated in the tea party today. It was great! We had way more people then expected- I'd say maybe 250 to 300, which is kind of amazing, considering how small and generally apathetic our town is.

There were two local channels covering us- and both interviewed the counter protestors. Yes, that's right, we had counter protestors! (My mom happens to know them, which turned out a little awkward. As you can imagine!) I think that's just wrong- here are 250 people, trying to take a stand for what they think is right...and the news channels cover the pro-Obama, pro-'Peace- people. It's...strange.

Anyway. The only speakers we had were just random people that came up from the audience. At least, I think that's who they were. There didn't appear to be like any prearranged programme, but that could just be me and my inattentiveness to detail, hehe

So yeah, there's my story of our tea party, LOL

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