Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration

Well, we're watching the last few minutes of the post-inauguration events- the Bush's and Cheney's departing, etc. I must say that I've never watched an inauguration before...or, I have, and just don't remember it. Of course, considering I was four at the last real inauguration, it's unlikely I have.

Anyway...it was pretty interesting. It started out with Rev. Rick Warren doing the invocation. He actually prayed in Jesus' name, which surprised me some. Rarely do you find a minister who will do so that isn't Baptist. After that, there was a song by Aretha Franklin, then Biden was sworn in. Then there was some more music- mom says they had snippets of 'New Jerusalem' mixed in, and I did hear it as well.

President Obama was sworn in next. It was funny, because the guy started doing the oath- you know, say such and such after me- and Obama was tripping all over him, saying it before the guy was done. He did hesitate on the part about upholding the Constitution though, which I found interesting. Oh, and he was wearing a flag lapel pin. Thought I'd mention that, since it was such a big thing about him.

Anyways....his speech was interesting. Sort of. More of his same backtracking and saying-a-lot-whilst-saying-absolutely-nothing. His first big thing was 'challenges will be met'...included global warming, poverty, world starvation. Really, I'm wondering how we're going to take care of all those problems with the $32,000,000,000,000 debt he's going to run up by trying to fix those issues...and the economy, of course.

His next big thing was 'Everyone will have a chance to be equal...to prosper." Sorry Mr. President- everyone already has this chance, if they choose to take it. If they live in America, of course. Or are you talking about the rest of the world too? He spoke about pioneers and how they prospered- they worked. They didn't get a government handout. In fact, if you had tried to offer them charity like that, they would have laughed in your face.

His next big thing was 'remaking America'. Thanks Mr. President, but I'll pass. I don't want to be 'remade' into anything, and I don't want my America remade, either. The final thing I thought interesting was his 'new era of responsibility'- to ourselves, our nation...and the world. Why am I responsible for or to the world again? Last time I checked, we were supposed to worry about ourselves, especially since the rest of the world doesn't want us in it's business, anyway.

I really don't understand President Obama's logic in all this. We're going to decrease the national debt by running up a $32 trillion debt. We're going to help prosper like the pioneers by giving them handouts. We're going to remake America into...something. We're going to be responsible for the world.

Yeah, makes a lot of sense. Tons.

Anyway- that was my impressions of the inauguration and President Obama's speech. May God bless him, our country, and our future, because I think we're going to need it.


Joyful_Momma said...

You are too young to be so cynical. What have I done?!

Liberty said...

Cynical? Me? No, I'm just a political junkie!! :D

Megan said...

I agree with this part 100% -- "Why am I responsible for or to the world again? Last time I checked, we were supposed to worry about ourselves, especially since the rest of the world doesn't want us in it's business, anyway."

I keep telling my husband (he and I see politics pretty differently on most of the issues...keeps it interesting around here) that its high time we let other countries deal with their own issues, especially since they never asked for our "help," nor do they, or have they ever, wanted it. Why waste our time, energy, money, and manpower fighting other people's battles?

Hmm....does this make me a cynic too, Trina? :P Haha

Cassie said...

Our poor, poor country. :(

Have you seen the movie on youtube on Obama's first 100 days?

Here is the link to it on my blog:

I think that you'll enjoy it. It makes me sad to watch it.

Your friend,