Sunday, March 1, 2009

Economy Still Shrinking

Despite President Obama and the Congress's very ardent efforts to put us completely under the control of the government, the economy is still plummeting.

Now fancy that.

I can just bet that all the aides in Washington were talking together on the day the budget and stimulus plan were being put through.
"Yeah, and we're going to get this all fixed up! Why, don't y'know that the way to get us all out of debt is to spend trillions more money that we really don't have?!"
"Hmm...never would have guessed..."
"Yeah, never woulda' thunk it either, but the whole government said it, so I guess we'll all be OK!"
"You sure Bob? I mean..."
"Ah, don't worry 'bout it! Why, even though we're heading towards a second depression, we can just deny this whole mess away!"
"Because, dontcha' know that if we try democratic socialism, it'll work so much better than China's democratic socialism?!"


So, even though we're spending trillions on an ineffective 'stimulus' package, don't worry! After all, that's a very, very expensive toilet the government is throwing your tax dollars down!!

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