Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Price of Speed

Today I got into a discussion about the Fort Hood shooting at church. The lady I was speaking with was under the impression that we were 'moving too slowly'.

Well...Fox News didn't seem to waste any time. They've already linked Hassan to every terrorist organization on the globe. Before long, they'll probably be linking him to a few we've never even heard of. All because he was a Muslim, and owned a Koran. (Help!)

We shouldn't hurry. When people get frantic and panicky in things like this, bad things happen. Just look at the aftermath of 9/11- 9/11 itself was a horrible, terrible occurrence. But the aftermath was just as bad. People panicked. The government fed off that, and pushed the PATRIOT act through in the name of keeping us safe.

We gained extra baggage in the form of the Department of Homeland Security, and two wars in the name of stopping terrorism that are now nothing more than black holes for money and lives.

That is what excessive speed and hurry to do something about these types of things cause. The Fort Hood shooting is still too fresh for us to try to do anything. Bring Hassan to justice. The right way. But don't fall into the panic trap. That is how bad things happen.


Alex Floyd said...

Amen! I've already heard rumors that he was an elite operative of Al-Queda who was part of a special team spent in to infiltrate the armed forces and take down the US. Some have decided that in order to filter everyone out, we must get rid of all muslims in the military! Because after all, if you're muslim, you're obviously a terrorist.

Joyful_Momma said...

I have also seen that sentiment (that muslims shouldn't be allowed in the military) in the comment section of some articles about this. It is very disturbing.

Megan said...

Oh man, DH and I were just discussing this last night. Though I am a Libertarian, he's a staunch Repub and loves Fox News, and has fed into their panic and "labeling" mode. The fact is, like you said, we simply don't know all the facts! Jumping the gun, calling names, and pointing fingers pre-emptively, is never a good move. Your blog is right on the money!!

GIANTS FAN said...

Thanks for getting back to me! I'm going to add you right now. Take care.


Bard said...

There are those who think that Muslims, no matter how patriotic, should not be in the military. There are also those who think that Muslims, no matter how extreme, should be allowed to do whatever they want.

Both are wrong.

Islam, like most faiths, has a spectrum of beliefs. There are Muslims that I have be friends with, and some I could not tolerate. The same goes for Hindus, Jews, Mormons, and Christians.

There is nothing pre-emptive about saying this guy is a Muslim extremist, his actions make that clear. Whether or not he was a terrorists depends on how you define it and the evidence.

We should not slow down, nor should we rush the investigation.