Saturday, March 13, 2010

Palestinian Christians Speak

Very interesting, this. A group of Palestinian Christians have gotten together and written a very interesting document detailing their belief that the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories is unjust. It is a powerful document, and they make a good case.

Here is the main website, and here is the PDF file.

As with anything, it should be taken with a grain of salt- there have been outrages committed by Palestinians as well (as they acknowledge briefly), so there is fault on both sides.

Take the position of both sides, and somewhere in the middle, that's where truth lies.


Teresa said...

The Israeli Palestinian Conflict is a very complicated situation. There is fault on both sides. But, one thing I can't stand is that in one of my classes last year one of my professors was biased and gave a one-sided view which cast a bad light on Israel and a good light on Palestine instead of giving the whole picture to the class. My friend who went to Israel said that Israelis (citizens) do want a two-state solution to end the conflict.

Don Emmerich said...

Certainly members of both sides have committed evil actions, but I wouldn't say that the truth is somewhere in the middle -- if by the middle you mean somewhere between Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas. The establishment loves to tell us that the "middle" is where the truth lies, but the truth of the matter is that the establishment has defined the terms of our debates and as such has ensured that “the middle” is its position. On so many issues, I’ve come to conclude that the truth isn’t “in the middle.” The truth is often the position derided by the “centrist” establishment. Such men as Jesus, the Apostle Paul, Galileo, Thomas Jefferson, Ghandi weren’t centrists or moderates; they weren't "in the middle"; they were radicals, heretics.

Glenn Greenwald recently wrote a great article about this:

Liberty said...

Teresa- equally infuriating to me are people who won't acknowledge Israel's part in the mess. It's very frustrating that they won't even consider that, perhaps, Israel has done wrong too. It is very prevalent among my Christian community...>.< It almost makes me hate church. :P

Don- good point, and I see what you mean. :) Thanks for the link.

Teresa said...

BTW- This is totally unrelated but I just wanted to let you know the reason I am ignoring nyp(first showed back up as anonymous) is because he is either a government troll or he works for David Ploufes's group and he harassed me before. He is the reason I turned my blog earlier into having moderated comments around 6 months ago. Another reason is that he refused to call Bishop Gregori Bishop and that is just disrespectful. I like your other blog and would like to continue following but didn't see your email in your profile to send a note that I wanted to keep following you. But, mine is on my profile so I will leave that decision totally up to you.

Have a good day:)