Saturday, September 11, 2010


As I ready myself for the deluge of "God bless America's" that will inevitably find their way onto my Blogger Dashboard and Facebook wall, I thought I'd just say a couple words on the subject of 9/11.

1) Originally, I had resolved to keep politics out of this. I decided that was an impossible venture this year, especially since I've already been challenged on 9/11 this morning. Fun times. I possess the amazing skill of finding (and semi-starting) a debate before eight am...this is one of my talents.

2) 9/11 actually means my little brother's birthday more than the 9/11 most people think of...Gilbert was born on 9/11/02. The poor kid is going to have that hanging over his head for the rest of the life. He's a character though. Happy seventh birthday Gilbert.

3) 9/11 was sad. What's sadder is what came out of it- two wars that have eaten up billions of dollars and millions of lives that many Americans don't seem to care about because they weren't our casualties. The events of 9/11 have been hijacked by the leaders of the New All American Cult of War. They've twisted them, creating a reality wherein all of a religion was used as a scapegoat for the actions of a few radicals.

To end this on a happy note, I wish everyone a good day!


suntzusays said...

One of my friend's kids was born a couple years ago on 9-11 (second birthday today). And many people do seem to react strangely to that. Her sentiments were much as mine, that she should be happy to bring something (hopefully) joyful along on a tragic day.

I basically think if you know enough history, you can always find something tragic back there somewhere to bum you out. May as well have something better to think about.

I can't imagine how you managed to start a debate that early...

Liberty said...

To how I managed to start a debate that early...well, it began with a Facebook status message...that may or may not have stated that the current political atmosphere in America seemed to have generated a cult of war...combine that with two Republican lemmings...

Insta-debate. XD

suntzusays said...

I could see that.

Most people I've "friended" there know better than to argue with me when I post an argumentative status. If you saw the 15+ page free speech debate back and forth I posted on my blog, that's what happens when they try.