Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bigotry and Ridiculousness

"I do not speak to Muslims unless they want to ask me about something. I do not want to get involved with animals who would take my life for telling the truth. I say let the stupid be stupid and remain delusional. God makes them even more delusional because they insist on being ignorant. ... My family and I are saved. Those are the only people I need to worry and care about. In fact, there is a creepy jihadi who lives directly below me. I am not going near that demon unless if God sends him to me for the truth and to get saved..."

I'm not quite sure what to say. I have all sorts of rage I could let go.

One thing I will say: this person calls themselves a Christian.

And I am ashamed.


Son III said...

At one time, everyone who now are a Christians were stupid and delusional themselves, myself included. I might still be, to an extent.

Christians should have understanding for the Muslims, and love them. But we can't stop there.

Reason with them, and point them towards Christ. Go after them like you would go after someone running towards the edge of a cliff. Show them the error of their ways and beliefs, and show them the truth.

Don't be ashamed of other Christians, Liberty, just pray for them and help them see the errors of their ways, too.

We can't be emissaries for the Kingdom of God if we don't shake the world from their slumber in sin. Nor can we reach out to them if we simply stare in hatred of them.

Megan said...

^^^^^ What he said ^^^^^

Mostafa said...

What to say else? umm, I'm Mostafa
I think you really have a nice blog
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Liberty said...

Very true Son. :))

Thank you Mostafa! :)) Thanks for visiting. :)))

D.R said...

Hey, found your blog the other day, it's really great-and despite the fact I'm Scottish, it's great following what's happening in America from a....... different viewpoint. Gotta agree with Son on this one-that is a totally wrong attitude that person has. It's actually quite reprehensible!

Anyway, I'll be following your blog from now on

DR Morrison

Teresa said...

I am all for being Christlike to Muslims and trying to convert them but there is a reality that more and more Muslims want to either hurt or kill us. But, that is only a small portion of the population who are extremists.

That is a bigoted statement.