Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leaving Iraq?

So we've finally done it. We have achieved (at least partial) success in Iraq. "Yay us!" in the words of quite possibly the ditziest TV character ever written (kudos to anybody who can name her).

So, to recap seven years worth of war-

We went in under the auspices of Bush and his cronies, who touted the idea of supposed weapons of mass destruction owned by the Iraqi government. Since that time, according to CNN, 4,000 American soldiers have died in Iraq, as well as 106,000 Iraqi civilians. Mm-hmm.

Oh, but wait. What is this? We're not actually leaving Iraq. Of course not. We're leaving 50,000 American soldiers behind to help clean up. Well, I suppose that's only fair. We made the mess, we should clean it up. Of course, it would be optimum if we had never made the mess in the beginning, but one can't cry over spilled milk.

So not only are 50,000 American soldiers staying behind, but a bunch of our diplomats will also, to accomplish the goal of, and I quote, "By October 2011...assum[ing] responsibility for training the Iraqi police, a task that will largely be carried out by contractors."


But I'm being cynical. Who knows. Maybe we will be able to get this beautiful country cleaned up in record time. But judging by the fact that most countries we've been at war with are just now coming back, or have been on a slow, hard road to recovery...I wouldn't count on it.

Say hello to "War, Part II- the Aftermath, as we try to clean up what we screwed up, and fail utterly."

Have a nice day.


Lucas said...

Obama's ushering in ww3.
By taking american power out of the Taliban territory, the Taliban will not be content to leave what was theirs alone. Then ww3.
After the Illuminati take Russia and Germany the rest of the world will crumble, and without the nuclear power that the U.S. (only 50 states) has to destroy millions of civilians countries corrupted by a power that can't stand, and in the end the U.S. will have to mind their own borders and withdraw from every base outside of the U.S.
The world will pretty much fall in to slavery if we aren't already.

Liberty said...

The Taliban is in Afghanistan. As I stated in the original blog post, we went into Iraq because they supposedly had WMD's. Iraq was never held by the Taliban, nor was it one of their goals, seeing as the two nations are seperated by Iran. Yeah. ;)

Thanks for the comment! And listen- don't worry about me not posting your comments, page is officially open to all...unless of course you have a filthy mouth...LOL