Monday, December 6, 2010

And 2012 is Upon Us

Only, not really. Of course, you couldn't tell it by the eagerness of the New Generation of Republicans. They've already begun lining up for the senate seats that will be up for grabs in two years.

Now, I will say that I've been guilty of wondering who will run for President in 2012 (I'm probably going to be rooting for Gary Johnson, if anybody cares), but I find it rather ridiculous to be worrying about the same races we just got done with. v.v


The Golden Eagle said...

Of course, once the world ends in 2012 no one will have to worry about elections.

Kidding. But it does seem kind of early to be worrying about elections, since a whole host of things could happen between then and now.

Charlene said...

Don't be surprised with this. These guys are all about strategic planning. You realize the guy standing up at the local Kiwanis rubber chicken dinner in his small town talking about some Christian Nativity scene not being put in the courthouse square, has in his mind how he's going to run against the Senator who's been in his state's office for a decade, and he doesn't care if that Senator is a Republican or a Democrat.

Alex said...

I actually like Gary Johnson. Even if he is a bit of a hypocrite on some things. Like how he sometimes let's morality slip into his philosophy. Example: he supports civil unions, but not civil marriage for gays, despite saying that government should not get involved in that sort of thing.