Friday, November 26, 2010

Depressing Current Events

North Korea attacked South Korea. We were all duped by a shopkeeper in Afghanistan. Tom DeLay was arrested for money laundering or some such. The TSA is still being a pain in the neck. I found out that each aircraft carrier we have commissioned carries the equivalent of many countries' actual air force. And we have these all over the world. And we wonder why people feel threatened by us. I wonder why we feel threatened by them.

Just your typical, happy-go-lucky Thanksgiving week, in other words. I hope everybody had a good one...I got to cook nearly our entire Thanksgiving dinner because my mom wasn't feeling well. It was actually pretty fun- I ran down the battery on my iPod and got to get very hungry cooking it all.

Since all that was going on, I don't actually know that much about the whole Korea thing. As near as I can tell, North Korea apparently shelled a small South Korean island, which of course made South Korea a little angry. North Korea subsequently issued a warning that war could follow if things got too heated. Like, if we got involved, things might get a little tense.

But, of course, we have to stick our big noses where they don't belong. Why we have to conduct military maneuvers with the South Korean navy in the first place...I have no clue. But I think that qualifies as butting in and getting involved. Just a little.

I still don't understand why we think we should have to be involved in every thing that happens on the planet. Or why, like the substitute on the Glenn Beck Program said this morning, other countries should "fall in line" with us. Yeah. Because we're the world's mommy. We have to save them from themselves.

Of course, I don't think North Korea will actually do anything. With the power shift currently going on there, I'm inclined to believe this is just saber-rattling to make sure people don't think that now, as their power structure is changing, would be a good time to attack them. Amidst all this, China isn't even trying to get involved. They don't want war breaking out in their backyard. Again. And I understand why not- they're in the middle of prosperity. They don't want to mess it up. ^.^ If we only had as much sense.


The Golden Eagle said...

I agree with your point about getting involved--the USA seems to think that every problem is the country's problem.

I don't think that it will amount to much, either--but if it does, SK is going to be in a lot of trouble, especially with NK's nuclear capabilities.

Christopher said...

...It's not so depressing if you close your eyes and hum a happy tune.

Okay, yeah it is.

Did you hear about Obama pardoning the two turkeys from being slaughtered for Thanksgiving dinner? That's not really politics, so it's not really relevant, but it's Obama, who's a political figure, so...


Lorain said...

This post goes hand in hand with your last one. Even if we really are un-safe, there's kinda a reason for that. Every time we go in and "help" somebody we create an enemy. It only makes sense that if we minded our own business we'd get left alone!

Liberty said...

Eagle- indeed.

Chris- O.O Seriously? That sounds like something The Onion would churn out. :P

Lorain- yes indeedy. It's quite logical, but unfortunately, very few people in this country seem to appreciate the sense of that approach.