Monday, November 15, 2010

Political Celebrities

So I suppose it was to be expected. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy the hypocritical irony.

You see, during the election (and after, and now) I remember people blasting President Obama because he was acting like a celebrity. I mean, he like, had TV cameras following him around all the time! He like, was feted like he was Brad Pitt or something! He had his own fan club! That evil man! How dare he think he's a celebrity or something? Politics isn't supposed to be a celebrity sport!


And now, the same people who said all that are lining up to fall down in loving adoration at the feet of the new political celebrity: Sarah Palin and "her Alaska". Maybe she'll take them out on that island so they can see Russia, and prove she's still fit to be President of the United States.

Sorry. That was low.

In any case, I find the hypocrisy there quite interesting. Hilarious, actually. Oh, the joys of American politics.


Lorain said...

o But she's a christian...and a it's ok!
And just a heads up when she messes up...anything democrats say against her will be ridiculously hypocritical!

The Golden Eagle said...

Not Sarah Palin again! *sigh*

Even Obama didn't make the kinds of the comments that she does . . .