Monday, January 10, 2011

A Bit Meh

Lately, I've just sort of been...meh about the whole political scene. I think I have too many political friends on Facebook who are either die-hard Republicans, anarchists, or Democrats. They're ruining it for me. v.v

But, I suppose while I'm here, I could say a few words.

We had a shooting this past week, I'm sure you're all aware. As of yet, I can't decide whether I think the shooter was motivated by politics or not, though I'm betting not. Not that I actually bet, you understand, but...never mind.

Other than that, there's the typical Republicans-vs.-Democrats hubbub, with each side slinging vitriol because, of course, they're both out to ruin all that is good and right in the world. Somehow. Yeah. It gives me a headache.


Charlene said...

While we cannot do much about sides taken or words spoken by those who seek political fame, we can hold our own thoughts and believe our own beliefs and work to do the right thing.

The Golden Eagle said...

I would say that the shooter was motivated by politics. According to one article I read, Jesse Kelly (the Tea Party candidate who lost the election) did encourage people to take up a gun and use them to get Giffords out of office.

Liberty said...

Charlene- that is very true. Thanks for offering a bit of perspective. :))

Eagle- I've heard that it was Palin and Beck and Armey and some other dude, too. I don't know what's going on, so I'm more inclined to think this guy was just some nut-job that picked up a gun and decided to shoot somebody important. Not that I have any love for the afore-mentioned pundits and politicians, but I'm not sure they're responsible for this.

Christopher said...

From what I've read and heard, it's pretty much what you would expect with mass shootings like these--the shooter was as much motivated by politics as insanity.

(Just watched Obama's speech.)

Megan said...

First of all, I agree with your feelings about all of this.

However, I do also agree with Golden Eagle that I do believe that politics played a role. I don't think we can pin it on one particular person, politician, or news source, but I think all the hostility, the slander, and mud-slinging back and forth between the left and the right (right down to private citizens) has created a very hostile political climate here in America. People's dissatisfaction with political decisions - by the left, the right, this administration, and the last - is turning the whole political climate into negativity. I know that this has its effects on people, in that, I hear spiteful, mean, blaming, hurtful, wrongful, and even hateful, words being used to describe our president, other politicians, legislature in general, news commentators, and even private citizens. The hostility is at a full boil! If regular "Average Joe's" feed off this negativity, I think its safe to say that nutjobs do too.

That said, HE - and ONLY he - is responsible for his own actions! To try and pass the buck to another source, or play psychologist and try and pin-point his motive, I think makes us let up the blame and the responsibility that HE needs to be taking. I would guess that, as a fall-out, he wants us to blame eachother and perpetuate the dischord amongst the left and the right. He wanted to create a stir. If we give into that, rather than focusing on what we can do to be more civil and not let this happen again, or we pass the blame to someone else, then he has "won," in a sense.

Ultimately, like Charlene put so well, we need to learn from this tragedy, and move forward, work together, and certainly be more tolerant and civil toward others and their opinions...even if we don't like them. As the saying goes, "Be the change you want to see in the world."