Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Punditry and Confusion

So it seems to me that the pundits nowadays don't seem to know what to say about the Middle East uprisings. They putter about the issue, trying to make it sound ambiguous so that, no matter what the official line ends up being, they'll come out looking good.

I don't think anybody is quite sure what to think. On the one hand, these popular uprisings are against tyrannical governments. Those same tyrannical governments have been involved in torture, human rights violations on a massive scale, etc. They also give us oil. These are popular movements that are tired of living under their tyrannical governments, and are trying to get rid of said government, following in the footsteps of other great revolutionaries like, oh, George Washington. Except they're Muslim.

On the other hand, gas prices have skyrocketed as a consequence of these uprisings, and that's not good. Furthermore, there's always the dire possibility that the people in these countries will decide that they *gasp* want a government founded upon the tenets of their religion. The horror! We can't have that! Because they hate us! And they won't do what we tell them! They might not sell oil to us!

But then again, if the pundits don't support the uprisings, they'll end up looking like radical Statists who want to take away all liberty from every human everywhere, thereby reversing the American Tradition that has upheld...something all these years. But if they do support them, they might end up looking like proponents of state-funded, radical Islamic terror.

What a dilemma.


Son III said...

I don't claim the auspicious throne of punditry, but the way I analyze this issue is through American glasses.

Firstly, who cares what the cavemen do?

Secondly, oil would be a non-issue if we merely drilled the north slope of Alaska for all it was worth. (Which would be a lot.)

Thirdly, as cavemen are apt to do, they probably won't realize the benefits of creating a libertarian paradise with the overthrow of the old government, so they'll be in the same, leaky boat with newer, shinier oars.

And, finally, who cares what the cavemen do?

Ron Paul '12. Shameless plug, I know, but it fit.

Teresa said...

The question is should America and Americans support what is in the best interest for America or those countries which have uprisings? If the Muslims really are terrorists or supporters of terrorism and in favor of oppression against other religious groups then I don't think that we should be supporting these uprisings.

Liberty said...

We don't even have resources to know who the uprisers are, whether they're radical groups or not. Like I've said before, the surest way to solve the dilemma is simply to stay out of the situation completely and let the people of the country resolve it themselves.

And Son, I totally agree! Ron Paul '12, all the way. :D