Friday, August 21, 2009

'In God We Trust'?

So this is more a conversation-starter than anything. Do you think that 'In God We Trust' should remain on our money?

Yes, this is one of those topics that has gotten me into trouble (numerous times) with my Republican Christian friends.

Why? Well, because I don't think it should be there. It didn't even appear on our coins until the 1800's, and wasn't mandated on both coins and paper money until the 1950's. Hence, it has little to no 'cultural' significance. Yes, yes, I know- we're a Christian nation, and all that.

But we're really not. We have Buddhists, and athiests, and Confucists, and Muslims, and all sorts of other religions here. And unless the 'god' referenced on the money is every god for each individual religion, than you can't really have it there.

There may be something in this on-going debate that I am overlooking, and if so, feel free to tell me. ;)

This post was sparked by a posting on another blog along the lines of 'vote here in favor of the motto.' So...discuss if you wish. ^.^

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Alex Floyd said...

Wow! I actually agreee with you on this one! I've never believed in having that on the money, because it's not fair to other religions. I mean, they're are some religions that worship multiple gods, so unless they want to change it into In God, Gods, or no God We Trust, I don't think it should be there.

Son3 said...

I could go either way.

It really doesn't matter whether it is there or not; like you said, we're not even a Christian nation.

It's nice think someone thought it honored God, or whatever god they had in mind, but it is unnecessary.

Due to its ambiguity, it is really more of a tool for ecumenism, which is much worse than not having it there at all.

Son3 said...

That is, "It's nice to think someone thought it honored God..."

I hate it when that happens.


Cassie said...

Now that I actually think about it... I think that you are right! I like the 'In God We Trust' on our money, but I guess that it upsets more people by having it on there than it would if we just got rid of it completely!

I think that I'm pretty neutral on this one.

Kendra Logan said...

I think the "In God We Trust" should remain on our money--probably no surprise there.

Yes, we do have many other religions in American nowadays, and I think that's totally fine, I don't have anything against other religions being in America, but America is *most definitely* a Christian nataion. It was founded on completely Christian ideals and our founding fathers certainly wanted the nation to continue in a Christian mannor.

I'm not saying at all that Christianity should be forced on people or anything remotely close to that. I'm just saying that if only out of respect for our founding fathers and what our country was founded on, we should keep the "In God We Trust".

Liberty said...

The thing is though that the Constitutionality of the slogan is in question. If it unconstitutional, than it is wrong. Now, the situation would be completely different if the slogan had been there since the beginning. if the founders had put it there, then we would be assured that it was Constitutional. But it wasn't put there till the 1950s.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liberty! No, I don't mind you mentioning about me. ;D Interesting point by the way...hum.

Joyful_Momma said...

It is also interesting to note that the pledge of allegiance was written by a Baptist minister who purposely left out any reference to God and then the "under God" was added back in the 1950s. Why this push to religionize our government? especially by those groups (like Baptists) who traditionally were against it?

Joyful_Momma said...

What is more interesting is that the pledge wasn't written until 1892 and Francis Bellamy was a socialist! LOL Amazing how little history we really know!

Kendra Logan said...

Actually, although a lot of people believe it, "seperation of church and state" is not mention in the Constitution at all.

Liberty said...

But the principle is there. The first amendment strictly prohibits the government from establishing a state church. Government endorsing one religion over another would violate that.

I do think that government officials should be able to practice their religion but not to use their position to proselytize.

Oh, and this is Liberty's mom using her account because I don't want to take the time to sign out and back in! LOL

Kendra Logan said...

But the government is "prohibiting the free exercise" of Christians. We are no longer allowed to mention God in schools. Students or teachers.