Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Veteran and Rep Brian Baird

Only problem I see with this very well-spoken veteran's logic- the Nazis were not only leftist. Actually, in some of their ideology, they were quite Conservative! They absolutely adored their military, and they were obsessively patriotic. They wanted everyone to work- their basic philosophy was "If you don't work for it, you don't have it." (Something I do agree with.)

And let us not forget that it was the Republicans (the 'right wingers') that sparked this beautiful nationalization, what with Bush's bailout. Republicans voted to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

All these positions are things that were set up in the Nazi Programme of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

Let us give credit where credit is due for the mess we're in right now. Both Republicans and Democrats have contributed. Let us not forget that we have, for the past eight years, been under the jurisdiction of a Republican President and a Republican Congress. I do think this mess has been building for the past several decades, and I think that Clinton basically left a ticking time bomb on Bush's hands- but let's not ignore the Republican's part in this.

Both parties have been bad. Let's just throw them all out!

PS- other than that little thing, I thought this gentleman's 'speech' was exceptional. He shared what he wished to say very well. And I think Rep Baird could have handled it with a bit more grace. ;)

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