Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Parties...or Not

So at our local tea party here they've started charging.

That's right.

It's $10 for an adult to go in. To a protest. That is supposed to be spontaneous, not a Republican, Obama-bashing rally.

Need I remind people that the tea parties were not started as rallies, as huge events that were against Obama and his "evil socialist policies", but rather against Bush and his "evil socialist policies?"

The Tea Parties have been coopted by the Republican Party. They were originally a protest fueled by Libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans from all walks of life who were upset about Bush's bailouts (and, for some people, also the wars and out-of-control debt). They weren't about Obama at all!

But somehow, they've been twisted to be something they're not. Now they're nothing but GOP fests. Very sad.

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