Thursday, October 21, 2010


The don't-ask-don't-tell policy is back in the news. Again.

Frankly, I find the significance of this policy questionable. I mean, what do you want? Should we make everybody in the army carry a big sign clearly proclaiming their sexual orientation, that way everybody's clear and we all know whether you like guys, girls, or both?

Frankly, I just flat don't see how this should matter to much of anybody. As far as I understand, in the military, your sexual orientation just doesn't really matter that much, seeing as you don't go there to find a date: you go there to go kill people, or whatever else it is the military does. Where, exactly, does having the ability to tell which sex you like better matter in any way in that setting?


The Golden Eagle said...

I agree that sexual orientation really doesn't have much to do with what the military does.

rockalbumreviews said...

However, that paragraph seems to be the exact reasoning for repealing DADT--why make an issue out of sexual orientation? Why can't we just accept it and focus on the real issues of the military?

Liberty said...

That is very true rockalbum...but would it not be much more profitable to just forget the whole issue once and for all, to have no sexual orientation quiz to enter the military, to make it a complete non-issue by not making it an official or unofficial qualification to enter?