Sunday, October 10, 2010

Free Market?

Only so long as companies stay here. If they want to leave, forget it. We hate them and we hate the elected representatives who gave them the freedom to leave.

It will never cease to amaze me, the hypocrisy here. Especially on the Republican side. Republicans, sit down and think about this for a minute. The free market is good. The free market is our friend. The free market regulates corporate behavior and makes sure that companies go where profits are. In the end, everybody's well off. But now the free market is taking businesses to China. Bad. The government should stop them because only the government can fix the free market, even though the government can't fix the free market so they should get out of it.



Now, on the Democrat side. Obviously, giving companies an incentive to be here (tax breaks) means they're going to outsource and lay off workers here. But if we just...raise their taxes...and make it astronomically expensive to operate here in the States, they'll stay here.


What planets are you all living on, again?

In any case, its become fashionable now to bash one's opponent in a midterm election race with the fact that they'll "send jobs overseas." Seeing as that's the one thing they all can agree on- that the other side is going to make jobs disappear overseas- I say we just get rid of all of them.


The Golden Eagle said...


Charlene said...

Think a little further and realize that low wages in first world countries will change to high wages as they westernize. The Free Market idea, per Friedman, justifies foreign manufacture for the foreign market. This would work if we did not buy foreign products or even American products manufactured overseas.

Try to wean yourself from Wal-Mart and check labels. It is possible to lower your purchase of foreign produced products and survive.

Christopher said...

Although the second one stung a little, these were both very good points.

And, in answer to your final question, most of us are living on planet Earth. Some are living in colonies on the planet Mars. Lastly, a select few are living on one of Jupiter's moons, (although I don't know why. It gets really chilly there sometimes.)

Liberty said...

Charlene- indeed. :)

Christopher- haha. I know a couple people we should send to Jupiter...