Monday, May 25, 2009

HR 985

HR 985- an act that will make it nearly impossible for anyone to demand any government employee's personal records. Including President Obama's.

The premise? "To maintain the free flow of information to the public by providing conditions for the federally compelled disclosure of information by certain persons connected with the news media."

This bill could conceivably be nicknamed the 'Obama Birth Certificate Protection Act'. Because I'm pretty sure that's why- as WND launches it's 'Where's the Birth Certificate?' campaign- steps are being taken to protect the One from that horrible media.

According to WND, the 'Certification of Live Birth'- from Hawaii- doesn't prove his actual birth place, as it's more of a 'short-hand' certificate. The other, longer certificate- the one that would actually prove, once and for all whether he is a US citizen, is the one we need.

I don't understand why Obama doesn't bring his certificate out. If he is a US citizen, what does he have to fear? If he was born in Hawaii, why doesn't he just bring it out, and prove it? He could make the naysayers look horrible, make himself look better, and the conflict would be resolved.

Instead, he insists on hiding it away, just exacerbating his own situation. Because after all, when someone hides something, they generally have a good reason- and the reason in this instance is all to easy to find, if you really wish to.

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√čarwen said...

That's all we need.
Rome, here we come.