Saturday, September 19, 2009


This is rather old, but I thought I would go ahead and post it, since I am sure it is still a held opinion amongst some people. ;)

Apparently, that term is now a racial epithet!! That's right. We can't use a scientific term for a spatial anomaly because it might hurt some black person's feelings. Like Commisioner John Wiley Price.

Seriously? A blackhole is properly defined as a collapsed star which has folded in upon itself and now sucks in energy. Why do they call it a 'blackhole'? Well, because the hole is- you guessed it- black. It's nothing. It blots out the stars behind it. It is black.

This term is not a racial epithet, and I don't see how you can make it into one. But what did Mr. Price say?

#1- this dude is way over the top, in my opinion. For starters, the only time 'black' takes on a negative connotation is when you make it so. I do not think 'bad' when I think 'black'. I think of the cute little girls I taught. Get over yourself already!

#2- this morning I was watching the science show The Universe on the History Channel. A white hole is something completely different than a black hole. In fact, none of these white holes have ever been observed, they are merely a scientific fact/theory that falls under the Theory of Relativity. They put things out- the exact antithesis of what black holes do.

#3- has this gentleman ever looked at the color black? It is generally seen as 'dirty' because it is completely devoid of light to the human eye. Also, this gentleman's skin is not black. It is actually a quite pleasing dark brown. ;)

#4- the day someone apologizes for the use of a scientific term is the day I know the world has completely gone nuts.

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