Monday, September 7, 2009

If Government Pays...

If Government Pays, they Dictate

Just how stupid can Americans be? Evidently, it hasn't occurred to them that if the government is paying the bill, they can dictate the terms of your behavior, or deny the service. If you owe a debt to someone, you are indebted to them and they technically own you and can set the terms of repayment as well as your behavior, as long as there is a remaining balance on the debt.

When a person borrows money to buy a home or a car, take a look at the fine print in the contract. Every word, every line, every sentence and every paragraph is written in favor of the lender and it is written by high-paid lawyers who have a long history of tying people up into legal knots. If you violate the terms of the contract, you can end up in a peck of trouble that could cost you thousands to "fix". And this is just a private lender. Just think if it was the government you were beholden to?

So why in God's name would anyone trust the government to pay for anything that they might need, especially one of the most private portions of their lives, health care?

Have you ever dealt with a Medicaid patient? We have! Have you seen the mountain of paper work you have to fill out on their behalf, or the proof and justification of the patient's entire life's financial and medical history, in order to get on Medicaid? But not just the patient's history, but yours as well. Have you seen the bill (in the tens of thousands) that Medicaid sends to the executor of your estate after you die, in order to collect what they have paid out, even though your estate was bled to death before Medicaid took over? We have!

Let's take the "cash for clunkers" deal that government recently offered. They put up $3,000,000,000 and it lasted about 3 weeks, because Americans just can't resist a "free" lunch. It never occurs to them that it "ain't" free. Did you know that to qualify, the dealer had to fill out twenty pages of gobble-d-gook that then had to be faxed to the government bureaucracy handling the program, before the deal could be approved and consummated and the bureaucracy will take weeks-stroke-months, to process the paper work and pay the dealer?

Oh, but the nasty little secret is the money that you never received from the government for your "clunker" is taxable and is added to your gross income. It could put you in the next tax bracket if you aren't careful, or know how to manipulate the tax code like Tim Geitner and Tom Daschle.

But that's not all. The dealers, who were so excited about this "deal", are having a real hard time getting the "cash" out of the government they advanced to make the deal. Some are running out of cash and their banker won't float them until the government forks over. Big surprise there. Who received the greatest profits from this grandiose government "scheme"? Foreign car manufacturers like Toyota, not GM, not Ford, not Chrysler.

And it gets worse. The clunker you turned in for the new car, which normally would have been a used car to sell to another customer, was fed some "juice" to ruin the engine and then sent to the scrap yard for a "big crunch". The remainder of the mangled car is then shipped to China so that they can re-cycle it into new steel and sell it back to the Americans in what is called "dumping", thereby competing with American steel manufacturers and driving them out of business. Why was this done? For insane environmental reasons, that's why!

Oh, and one more thing. You turned in your old "clunker" that was probably paid for and exchanged it for a $20,000 to $30,000 debt, evidenced by an iron-clad contract that was drafted by high-paid lawyers that know how to tie you into legal knots. Remember what we said about being indebted to someone? They own you.

Now let's advance to Medicare. The government sets the premium for all who are on Medicare and dictates how much they will pay for any given medical treatment. To save money, (because they won't clamp down on the billions in Medicare waste, fraud and abuse) they start pinching on what they will pay, thus resulting in doctors and other health care professionals not wanting to treat Medicare patients. Can you blame them? Now, seniors, who are aging quickly and on fixed incomes, suddenly discover they can't find a doctor to treat them. That's enforced rationing, if not government-assisted suicide. If government pays - they dictate!

Everything that government touches gets screwed up. From health care, to environmental and land use regulations, to energy control, to food control, to water control, to money control. They not only make sure that whatever they do costs way more than it should, (need we mention $700 hammers) but separates you from any liberties you thought were guaranteed to you by our Constitution. We thought it was the government's job to preserve, protect and defend your rights under the Constitution, not separate you from them? That is what there real duty is, not controlling you. And did you notice that they lie repeatedly, or keep changing their story on purpose, to confuse you?

Given the government's grossly negligent history in almost everything they do, why on Earth would anyone trust them to control and deliver health care to the masses, where somehow the current quality is maintained, more people are added to the system, (millions more) and the claim that government will somehow reduce the cost of it all? That's not only ludicrous, it is insane! If you believe it, we have a bridge over the Hudson we will sell you.

Medicare now costs nine (9) times more than was originally forecasted and is going broke. Medicaid is going broke. Social Security is going broke. Nationalized health care will surely go broke and doom what is left of the now financially unstable and fragile American economy. When the dollar slides to zero because of hyper inflation because government spends more than it takes in, then you will go broke and all that going broke means.

Government's dirty little fingers are in every aspect of your life, from the moment you are born (social security number and a DNA sample) to the day you have the good fortune of transiting from the Socialist Republic of America to the resounding silence and quiet peace of eternal death, where your life-time shackles are finally broken.

The shackles will remain on the living as long as Americans reach out to government to solve their problems for them, problems they can solve themselves. The simple truth is, that if you ask someone to do something for you that you can do for yourself, or pay a price that you should pay, that someone OWNS you. Government has done a very good job of turning once-free Americans into brain-dead dolts, who feed at the government pig trough and never think about freedom, unless the pig trough runs dry. The sad part is, these dolts get to vote.

Well folks, the pig trough is about to run dry and it appears that some Americans are actually beginning to pull their pabulum-covered faces out of the pig trough and look up to freedom. Amazing! There may be hope for America after all.

It is an inescapable axiom. If government pays - they can and do dictate your behavior! Free choice is out the window. Get it?

By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues
© Copyright September 8, 2009 - All Rights Reserved

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Christopher said...

Why would someone trust the government to pay for anything they might need? Because for many, it's either government run health care or referring to the emergency room for problems like an ear-ache. That's why.

And the government doesn't force us to accept their health care. If you think it's a crazy idea, don't take advantage of it. Ignore it while other people enjoy the benefits.

Liberty said...

The thing is we can't really ignore it, not so long as we're (unfairly) paying taxes for it. I firmly believe that single-payer healthcare is unconstitutional. If the government would get their hands out of it, and the American people would stop being duped by the insurance companies, we'd see costs going down.