Monday, September 7, 2009

President Obama & School

President Obama is giving a speech to the children of America. Tomorrow.

Basically, this speech is an inspirational one- stay in school, get a degree, get a job, yay. Note that speeches such as this have been given by at least our past three presidents- Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr.

Difference this time- Conservatives are throwing a fit.

Other difference- it's Obama giving this speech, not 'Golden Boy' Bush.

Conclusion in the minds of Republicans- this speech is bad.

Apparently, Obama just telling our kids to stay in school is bad. (The fact that he's telling them to stay in a broken school system is highly suspect, but other than that...)

Of course, there's been plenty of blogging from outraged conservatives who think Obama is going to throw in a tidbit about his ultimate goals of world domination (which may or may not be founded in truth) or something...even though the speech is about personal responsibility.

Mom is going to make us watch it tomorrow. She found a live feed by the way, in case you're curious.

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Kendra Logan said...

I'm not outraged, but I am definitely suspicious.

Granted, this is because I am already suspicious of our president's motives, but with at least *some* good reason.

Having the president give a speech to students advising them to stay is school is fine. Good, even. But I think we all know he will say more than that, or at least hint at more than that.

Obama is trying in little ways to get the trust of the people, staring with the children, who are easily persuaded. I wouldn't say he's trying to indoctrinate us, but some milder form of that, yes.

I do not think it's a bad thing that children will be asked to hear/watch the speech in schools. It's a school project, whatever. I just kind of shake my head and think, "*sigh* Wonder what he's going to try to push on our kids now?"

Alex Floyd said...

Wow, that's really almost insulting to me to think that you think you have good reason to be "suspicious" of him. Actually, I heard that the speech was very unbiased. when George Bush did things like this, there was none of this ridiculous outrage. There's nothing wrong with the president addressing children. He's not trying to trick them or decieve them or something, you make him sound like Hitler! He was no "plans" like everyone says he does. Out of curiousity, what do you think these supposed "plans" are? Global domination? Enslavery of the white man? I'm curious, they're never really mentioned.

Liberty said...

His plans are very well outlined in his book and on his campaign website- both of which I've read. Basically, he intends to take us all the way to a communist regime.

Kendra- the entire substanceo f his speech has been posted online, and I posted the link to it. I'm not sure if he'll be able to bring himself to part from the teleprompter.

Wait- did I just say THAT? :P

Cassie said...

Kyla- First, I love the new background. Second, I haven't done much reading on the speech yet because my mom is having us watch it too and I plan on doing my research after I've watched it.

It should be... interesting to say the least. Very interesting... :D


Liberty said...

Well, we watched it.

It was quite interesting and generic- stay in school, all that stuff.

Kendra Logan said...

Thank you, Liberty :) It sounds like this is one subject we agree on 100% percent ;)