Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The War and the Troops

Once at a monthly meetup I attend, we got on the subject of the Iraq war. I'm no fan of the war, as you've surely guessed, and so it had the makings of a rather volatile subject. The lady I was speaking with was for the war. When I stated that I thought the war was wrong, she instantly accused me of being 'against our troops.'

Does this make any sense, that opposing the war is synonymous with opposing our troops? That wanting an end to the war without further violence is just the same as wanting all our troops to fall down dead?

Does that connect?


The Iraq war was a preemptive action on the part of the US, against a sovereign country that was no threat to us as of our attack. Iraq was not behind the 9/11 attacks, ruling out the excuse of a war of holy retribution. Attacking a sovereign nation without provocation is wrong, not to mention unconstitutional, whether for the purpose of 'furthering democracy' or no.

But why does speaking out against the war equal attacking our troops in the minds of many?

Frankly, I really don't know. Would anyone care to shed some light?

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Kendra Logan said...

Well, I can't really help you a whole lot because I don't think the way that lady does. Sorry! I am "for" the war, but I don't think anti-war activists hate our troops or anything.


Bard said...

I would say jumping from you do not think the war was the right thing to do, to you being against our troops was a bit of a stretch.

The troops don't have a choice in the matter, they go where they are sent and do what they are told to do.

I am sure there are many who support our troops while thinking the war in Iraq was a mistake.

Did she ever come around Liberty?