Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama Chia Pets

Okay then. This is getting just a little weird.

But, I want one. However, seeing as my (and my family's) track record with plants, their containers, and breakable things is extremely bad, the outcome of our foray into history could be um.....unfortunate, let us say. (*tries to contain evil laughter*)

Seriously though, I think this sort of thing is going just a little too far. Seriously? Do we have to idolize him everywhere? He's just the president for goodness' sake, not a fourth Jonas Brother!!(and the Jonas Brothers don't even have Chia pets made of them...)

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Alex Floyd said...

It's not idolizing, it's just people going crazy like always. Once in awhile, a president comes along that gets everyone excited, that's all. He is the first black president after all.

Kendra Logan said...

That's true, Alex, but I think if anyone had made a Bush Chia Pet you would be freaking out...just saying ;P


Liberty said...

This on top of the Sasha and Malia Obama dolls is getting just a little old. I mean, seriously. And as Kendra said- if such a thing had been done for Bush, there would have been quite an outcry.

Alex Floyd said...

I think it was done for Bush, but if it wasn't, I don;t care. Really. I mean, this stuff doesn't really matter to me. I have an Obama poster, and that's it. If they had had dolls of Bush's daughter's It wouldn't have mattered. It's just amusement. I hear they're planning to make Sarah Palin dolls. I'm not going to stop them. I loathe her, but I have no problem with the dolls.

Son3 said...

Obama, in the photo above, isn't black. Is that racist?

They even included the mole next to his nose. What "gross" attention to detail!

By the way, Alex, Obama is just as "white" as he is "black". Nothing especially "black" about him.