Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Backbones made of Cartilage

You know that funny question teachers ask kids? You know the one- "What do you think would happen if you had no bones?" I think that is the most idiotic question in the world. It's like- "Duh. I thought that without my bones, I would still be able to have shape. Thanks for cluing me into the obvious!"

Why did I open this with that, do you ask?

Well, I'm not really sure. We were just on the subject of bones, so I thought it would be cute. Anyway, this is going to be a rant more than anything, so if you can't deal with religion and ranting, I suggest you go find a nice book to read. It'll be better for you, believe me.

One of my online friends was talking about something President Obama supposedly did. I haven't found (and honestly, haven't looked. How lazy is that?) any evidence for it, but anyway. Supposedly, Obama refused to go to the 'National Day of Prayer' shindig. (I didn't go either. Everybody declare a national emergency. I'm not standing up for our country's founding morals!) Anyway.

After that, the President supposedly called for a Muslim jamboree, with prayer rugs, Mecca models, the whole nine yards. Or something like that. So, of course, this is instant proof that a) the President is a Muslim, and b) the moral culture in America is falling apart.

Now...say what again?

I'll give you that yes, his calling for a national Muslim prayer day does indicate he's a Muslim. But so what? There's no religious test for the Presidency.

But that the moral culture in America is coming apart at the seams? Uh...you lost me. (Yes, this is where we get to the 'backbones made of cartilage' part. This is also where we get to the religious part.)

Did anybody ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, the moral culture is falling apart because Christians aren't doing their jobs? Think about it.

We traded in Moody Spurgeon for Benny Hin.

We traded in witnessing for nightly idiot-box fests.

We traded in good preaching for apologetics.

We left behind street preaching and took up shamefaced leaving of tracts in toilet stalls at McDonalds.

Yeah. That has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the moral fiber in our country is shot. Just the fact that these evil liberals have taken over Washington!!

Okay. What about the evil conservatives that sure haven't hindered them?

What about you? Yeah, you, sitting there reading this. Do you ardently pursue the Word? Do you witness to those around you with the joy of the Lord? Do you try?

Or do you settle for half-truths and compromises, hoping (in vain) that you will pick the 'lesser of two evils'?

Grow up, America.

Get a backbone, Christians.

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Joyful_Momma said...

"We traded in Moody Spurgeon for Benny Hin"

My favorite line! :)

Christopher said...

Only two things I might point out:

For one, no, it does not mean that he is a Muslim because he is a good enough man to appreciate Muslims. If anything annoys me about Obama-haters, it is not them pointing out his faults, but them pointing out useless information like that. Give it up. I'm tired of conservatives rambling about our Arab president who apparently has no birth certificate. It's rather sad.

Another small thing: even if the liberals in Washington are ruining America, does that make them evil? I know that is irrelevant to politics, but still. If you are going to call politicians corrupt, call the politicians corrupt, not just the politicians you disagree with. Useless or not, the liberal politicians are not all trying to destroy America.

And I know this is straying from the topic, but I'm curious and I don't really understand your view. Do you support the idea of universal health care?

Alex Floyd said...

I can understand why Obama might not attend the national day of prayer, but I have heard nothing of a muslim 'jamboree'.

Liberty said...

Christopher, I think you missed the point a bit. ;)

I was not implying that Obama was a Muslim, or that I cared. That was the whole point- I was ranting against the stupidity of such an argument.

I did call the liberals evil, but I also called conservatives evil, if you didn't notice. Once again, sarcasm. I do not think politicians are 'evil', per se (though that could be debated in some instances), but that is a popular argument in Christian circles...and another stupid one. The politicians, en masse, are ruining America, and that is, in large part, because the American people won't grow up. Hence the blog post I am currently commenting to. ;)

I am not sure if I support universal healthcare or not. I think we need a more significant solution than is currently being offered us, but the civil libertarian/constitutionalist in me cries at the prospect of a universal system. I think that it might be a short-term solution that we could use until we think up a more viable option- such as the American people getting their act together. Although, I do think that giving the gvmt. that much power, even in the short term, would be highly dangerous. So there's that. ;)

Bard said...

I think this is my all time favorite post of yours Liberty!

I am likewise sick of the focus of "conservatives" on things like the lapel pin, national day of prayer, and other small issues. Sure, it shows something about Obama’s character when he gives the Queen of England an iPod with his speeches on it, but these things are not political issues.

If our president is now responsible for the prayer life of the nation and not all of us as individuals, we have a big problem (and we DO have a big problem in this area). I am SO tired of conservatives wanting to address the moral ills of the nation by passing laws and forcing morality. How about, as you suggested, seeking God on a personal level and sharing your faith, face to face, with those around you.

Thanks for this post!

Christopher said...

No, I did not miss the point. I understood the post, decided not to counter, and pointed out my picky little pet peeves.

Hm...sarcasm. I will learn to live with it sooner or later. But I am still bothered by the fact that those who don't agree with politicians decide to call them evil, tyrannical, greedy, and so on. They're not. You'd be getting the same crap from the media as a politician even if you turned the country around.

If you disagree with them, say you disagree. Don't call them evil. Please?

Liberty said...

LOL I agree with many of your pet peeves. Some of the most idiotic things are banded about by the media and Americans in general. They can't see the forest for the trees, it seems. XD

choco38 said...

Glad to see you are still posting your blog Liberty. I'm not a Christian but I believe that you can be moral without religion. So please don't include me with the evil liberals. I am with the non-evil liberals.