Sunday, October 25, 2009

National Emergency: H1N1

So, I suppose those of you who pay attention to the news know that President Obama has officially declared H1N1 a 'national emergency'.


Of course, I am not going to be getting the swine flu vaccine. In my opinion, the risks (irreversible brain damage; death) are not worth the payout (may not get H1N1). So I'm just going to pass on the vaccine, and if I get it and die, I'll have no one but myself to blame.

But statistically speaking, I'm not going to be getting it.

Of course, we actually don't have any statistics, because the CDC has stopped testing/reporting on cases. (Remember when the big outrage over Mexico refusing to report caused an outrage? A generous dollop of two-facedness anyone?)

Just last week, H1N1 was actually going away. Of course, those statistics are now moot, kaput, totally false, and obviously wrong. (Sounds a bit like some Ministry of Truth action there...) But now, just as the panic and pandemonium over this was starting to go down, President Obama is reviving all the ruckus. Why?

Why, over that terribly large number of 900 deaths in North America alone! (5,000 worldwide)

Let us forget the fact that 200,000-500,000 people die in the regular influenza season. Yearly.

And we're screaming and writhing, virtually comatose in our horror, about 5,000 deaths?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not minimizing the threat here. Well, maybe a little. But it just seems to me that that number doesn't warrant this kind of hysteria- especially when we don't even know how many people have actually got it, because the CDC has stopped testing.

When the CDC starts testing again, and we actually know for sure how many people have it (and its higher than the regular flu count), I'll start panicking. Not until.

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Alex Floyd said...

They can't test. There is no 'quick test' they have to send it to a lab to be looked at before they know, which would take a lot of time. And there is very little evidence to support long term damaging effects of the vaccine, it is actually safer than the normal flu vaccine. However, I can understand your concern and respect your descion.

Kendra Logan said...

Haha, right on!


Liberty said...

I doubt that it is safer. It's an unproven vaccine, so they don't know in any case.

And I don't think you read my correctly. The CDC has stopped testing, period. They've stopped sending it to the lab. They just assume- if you come in with some flu indicators, you have H1N1. Let's forget your actual symptoms, or what you may actually have, you just have H1N1. That only contributes to hysteria, and what we need right now is not hysteria, but calm and the ability to think clearly.

Cassie said...

Kyla, dear, I didn't have the time to read this entire post, but I got the basic gist. How relieved I am to know that you are not getting the vaccine! My mom has been reading about its numerous "cons" and she has been telling all that she meets about is and has been buying natural flu medicine.

It's just a severe flu! People die from the flu, but people die ever year from MANY things! I think that the government had already spent lots of money on this vaccination and is now scaring the people into thinking that they need to get it so that they won't have wasted their money.

We drove by a building near our house where they were giving away the vaccine to THOUSANDS of people for free! It's like saying "Let us test our new vaccine on you so you can have the chance of brain damage!" It's a brand new vaccine! They are TESTING it on US!!!

Sorry for ranting. I just feel very strongly on this matter. :D

Your friend,

Joyful_Momma said...

"And there is very little evidence to support long term damaging effects of the vaccine"

Of course there is no evidence!! They have NEVER done any long range studies on ANY vaccine!! You numbskull! :P

"It's a brand new vaccine! They are TESTING it on US!!!"

That't right Sister!!