Monday, October 5, 2009

States & Medicare

Well, big surprise- the states aren't so hot on the idea of Medicare being 'reformed'. Just for the record 'reformed' is code for 'expanded'.

From the page-
"Under the Senate bill and a similar House proposal, a patchwork state-federal insurance program targeted mainly at children, pregnant women and disabled people would effectively become a Medicare for the poor, a health-care safety net for all people with an annual income below $14,404."

I applaud wanting to make sure poor people are able to get good healthcare. I know that sometimes I seem to be some sort of cold, calloused jerk who only cares about her money. That might be true, to a limited extent- I love money as much as the next person.

But it is wrong that states are being required to spend more money, even as they are going as bankrupt as our federal government.

State governments have been cutting spending anywhere they can. That's a good idea- it's something our federal government should have done long ago. As I've said before- it's not smart to spend trillions of dollars when you're trillions of dollars in the hole.

When you've dug yourself into a hole over your head, stop digging.

We have to be making compromises here. What do we want more- healthcare or education? Money or bankruptcy? Because sad to say, that's the point we're at. We cannot have the best of both worlds. It will no longer work.

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Son3 said...

The poor shouldn't be made more comfortable in their poverty, they should be encouraged to work to provide for themselves.

And, again, I must play the Constitution card. (Sorry.)

The Feds don't have the power to do anything about healthcare.

Bard said...

The thing about power, Son3, is that you have it when nobody stands up to insist you don't.

The Feds shouldn't have the power to legislate health care. They were never meant to have the power, but until citizens stand up and insist that they don't...they will.

The sad thing is we are about 1000 miles past the principles of our founding fathers and we are having tea parties top try and back up one foot. Boy, are we empowered!

Son3 said...

Couldn't agree more, Bard.

Couldn't agree more.

Liberty said...

Son & Bard- there is a link in my sidebar to a site called 'Continental Congress '09'. It's a graphic, in fact.

I would suggest you check it out- if you really care about Constitutionality, etc., get out and vote this Saturday for delegates to the CC09!