Friday, October 9, 2009

Presidential Peeve

Barack Hussein Obama.
Barack HUSSEIN Obama.
Osama bin Lyin'.

I hate it. It is getting very annoying- people (especially on the right) making a big deal out of his middle name, or the similarity of his last name to someone else we all know. Is this seriously the biggest piece of ammunition we can bring out on this guy?

Frankly, it's annoying when people make such a big deal out of his name. Hussein is a common name in the Muslim community. So it also happened to be the name of a tyrant. So? Is that your ultimate problem with the man? Can the President help that his name is the same? Do you think the baby intentionally chose it because he foresaw that Saddam would become a dictator?

Or making a pun on his last name and Osama bin Laden's. His last name came from his father. Could his father help it?

This kind of nit-picking and completely un-subtle hinting is petty and- to be totally honest- pretty dumb. It doesn't matter what his name is. Let's focus our attention on what really matters: the fact that his policies are going to hurt America.

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Alex Floyd said...

Although I think you are off in terms of his policies, I agree with you that it is getting annoying to just be name calling. Both sides do it, and it's stupid.

Christopher said...

Like Alex, I disagree strongly with your opinions of Obama as a tyrant, but...

I love your point. Definitely. It's a strong one. Keep writing.

Bard said...

Obama's policies and character are both serious issues for me.

I agree that his name is useless in the debate of his policies.

Alex Floyd said...

Character? I think that's a bit much. What exactly is wrong with his character?

Bard said...

I don't know why I am even responding to you on this Alex, but here goes.

He is arrogant, he thinks he knows better than me what is best for me my family, and wants to use the power of the federal government to force me to comply.

He is willing to take from me what I have earned and give it to others for things I am against.

He lies.

He gladly associates with dishonorable people when it suits his career.